At DesignPlusLight we are passionate about lighting. How the placement of light and shadow creates space and informs how we feel about the world around us. At the touch of a button, the way we interact with a space, our emotional response to that space changes dramatically – that is the power of great lighting design.

DesignPlusLight is a bespoke lighting design consultancy, founded in 2008, comprising a diverse and highly creative team that are truly passionate about producing the best lighting schemes for your project. 

We believe that lighting really matters. Our sight is the by far the most powerful sense that we have. What we see creates our reality – and light is the foundation of how we perceive the world around us.

We understand that great lighting design comes from collaboration. Our task is to create your vision – to bring your ideas to life, using our creative expertise and technical knowledge to bring a touch of theatre to the built environment.

As a full-service independent practice, we believe that a great lighting designer performs this wonderful balancing act with every component of the project: from the client, architect, interior designer, engineers, site workmen, to the final customer

We push boundaries but always ensure that the scheme we design for you, fits your brief, budget and timeline. 

We believe the success of a project lies in delivering excellence: a highly creative and innovative lighting scheme that fulfils the client’s vision, aligns with their brand, is within budget, is buildable, translatable and practical to boot.

‘I always tell my designers, “You have to be able to impress and communicate your designs all the way from the client, through to the design team and ultimately to the person installing the lights on site. Build a relationship with the electrician on site for without them on board your designs may as well be fanciful ideas” ', says our founder Sanjit Bahra.

We're passionate about making your space look even more beautiful. We think of what we do as blending luxury with necessity, aesthetics with technology, and glamour with responsibility. At DesignPlusLight we create stylish lighting schemes that enhance and celebrate the interior design and architectural requirements of a space.

Sanjit Bahra, Founder

We believe every project deserves great lighting design, no matter how large or small, be it through education or working directly with our team. Our portfolio exults clients and projects of complete diversity: from five-star resorts to small boutique residences. We understand the specific requirements and deliver the needs of each and every one of our projects.  

Our schemes direct light only where it is required to highlight its effects rather than its source, avoiding glare and light pollution. We specify high quality light fittings to suit every budget, to be easily integrated into the fabric of the design and easily maintained. We understand where the value is in the design and specification of lighting to suit the scope of your project 

Our founder Sanjit Bahra always says to our clients, “Life is complicated enough – lighting should make your life easier not harder! There are endless options with LED lighting and integration with technology. I always believe ‘just because you can – doesn’t mean you should!’ -  Lighting should feel effortless and simple to use. 

Great lighting should be a tertiary experience – one should walk into a room and feel wonderfully at ease. You should first notice the graceful architecture and beautiful interior design and only after that have an inkling that the ‘atmosphere’ feels amazing. The human response to lighting is an emotional one. It can either be great or no not so good. And it’s incredibly costly to remedy bad lighting once it’s installed – so please, take the time to get it right in the first place” 

We use the best, most appropriate and most sympathetic technology, equipment and fixtures for every project. We are environmentally responsible and go beyond the minimum requirements of legislation while remaining true to the design concept. 

We understand that it can be a complex task to know what forms of lighting to use and even how to discern between the endless choice across a vastly differing budget offering.  

We look at every aspect of the lit environment, including the impact of daylight, through to appropriate methods of lighting control ensuring a harmonious balance between different light sources. Our experts can advise and guide you on how to create the best solutions for your design brief and budget

We are leaders in the lighting design industry, creating beautiful and elegant lighting schemes that are fully compliant with the latest regulations, and without compromising on style.


As lighting designers, we don't work in isolation. Architects, interior designers and electrical engineers really appreciate having us on the team because we understand the way they work and are able to interface and coordinate between them all. 

At every stage of the project we communicate and collaborate with the client, architect, interior designer and contractors to ensure the lighting design is sustained from concept right through to implementation, and is integrated with all other building services and functions. We give each project our full attention and care, bringing all our knowledge, expertise and experience to bear on every scheme. 

We're passionate about design, we care about giving you best value, and we understand the detail of all aspects of a project.

As a client, you would get the best value from an independent lighting agency by using our expertise from the earliest stages of a project right until its completion, particularly with more complex and technical schemes. 

Our approach closely mirrors the design, construction and implementation process of our professional partners (RIBA design stages). At each stage we evaluate and coordinate the scheme as it develops from the initial concept to detail design, through installation and the final presentation of the space. This enables us to maintain the integrity of the overall design by adapting it to the project specifics and ensuring the scheme is delivered on time and on budget.

  • Concept Design
  • Project Management
  • Detail Development
  • Custom Luminaires
  • Final Commissioning

Our initial involvement is to understand the client, brand, design brief and style. It’s here we gain an understanding of what the project is, the look and feel of the design and the ultimate goal of the project. 

We then begin to build an overall lighting narrative that reflects the design intent of the project. This is the most creative process can take many forms – from mood booklets, concept renders, sketches and outline plans. No two project are exactly the same and we tailor our concept proposals to suit the project deliverables, be it time, budget or detail.


Our work always follows that of the lead designer: Following client and design team feedback on the concept stage, we move to develop the lighting package to tender stage. We provide detail technical drawings, electrical loadings and lighting specifications. We present the client with a comprehensive preliminary lighting package that can be tendered against, priced up and wired to. 


We work alongside the design team to further develop and detail the lighting design: producing further technical details to ensure the lighting is integrated into the fabric of the design. A fully coordinated and buildable lighting construction package is produced at the end of this stage 


We play a crucial role in administering the implementation, coordination and management of the lighting scheme throughout the construction process. We ensure we are available to snag and adjust the lighting scheme as it is installed – leading to the final commissioning process where the lights are focused and the control system set to achieve the magnificent result that was first conceived and presented. It’s a complete full circle moment when we unveil the completed scheme to the client.

Princess Square, Custom Fixture

We specify a range of high quality products, as appropriate, to build up your lighting scheme. However, sometimes the project needs something extra special. DesignPlusLight often design and create bespoke fittings that are exactly right for the project.

Our bespoke commissions have ranged from restyling a simple uplighter, to designing a stunning chandelier for a staircase. Our detailed understanding of materials, aesthetics and electrical function also means we can cleverly incorporate practical elements into decorative features: for instance, beautiful, unique pendants in a casino that not only light the gaming tables perfectly but also feature hidden cameras.

Whatever bespoke lighting your project requires, we'll use our expertise to ensure your space looks spectacular.

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